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My name is Gunnar Lindhom and I live in Sweden. A lot of the information on these pages are unfortunatly (for you) written in swedish. But feel free to ask for minor translations

Quick facts about me

Contact me at contact me


Who controlls the press?

Music that I enjoy

Rock n roll is king
So long
What youre proposing
Dear John
ca plane pour moi
Can I sit next to you girl
Eve of destruction
Hello Josephine
Up around the bend
Every little thing
Going to Brazil
Bang a boomerang It's better in swedish with "Svenne och Lotta"
Highway star
Paper plane
Whole lotta shakin goin on
Did I tell you
I want out

Jag vill ha en synth

Some links

What if you are wrong?
Stupid design
Edward Tabash on secular stuff
Ken Miller brings down ID. Very funny
Richard Dawkins
Dawkins part 2
James Randi
James Randi debunks Geller and Popoff
A lot of good stuff from Ted Talk
Dan Dennett
God bless atheism
Very enjoyable